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Our landscaping company in Clarksville, TN has been proudly serving the community since 2003. We are Scott’s Landscaping Lawn Care – well known for our expertise and reputation. We offer a wide range of lawn care and maintenance landscaping services. We adhere to all rules and regulations imposed by the industry, and we work at the highest level of professionalism. Below you will find detailed descriptions of our services and find how to contact us:

Clarksville TN 37040
Phone: (615) 969-9112

Additional Phone: (931) 551-5136

Jul 14, 2014 by Sarah

I would just like to say thanks to Scott's Landscaping for your excellent and prompt service! My planters were a complete mess before and now they look ...
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Residential Landscaping

Commercial landscaping serviceAll of our assignments are performed by carefully chosen teams of skilled landscapers. Scott’s Landscaping Lawn Care offers an array of residential lawn care and landscaping packages to fit the budgets of customers. Our specialty is landscape design and maintenance. Our well trained landscapers will create perennial gardens, plant shrubs and trees, and work with topsoil and compost to craft the outdoor design of your choosing.

Don`t get all in dirt, call the professional landscapers in Clarksville, Nashville TN and surrounding areas.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping serviceScott’s Landscaping Lawn Care provides seasonal and year-round maintenance services to all of our commercial entities. Our base is large enough to handle the project of any size. We currently manage the properties for some of the largest companies in Clarksville, TN. Special discounts are available along with flexible pricing. Our work includes involved projects such as implementation of walkways, new lawns and flower islands.

Autumn And Winter Landscaping

Landscaping services in autumnAll of our contracted customers in Clarksville are able to take advantage of our services at a deeply reduced cost during winter and fall. We will promptly remove any fallen leaves and plow the snow to keep your property beautiful year round. In addition we provide salting in the areas of high traffic. During the severe winter months we will keep your driveways and walkways clean and safe. If you have need we can offer you quality sod cover.

When considering landscaping services, contact Scott’s Landscaping Lawn Care at (615) 969-9112. We will be pleased to explain the full scope of our services as well as our pricing and our seasonal packages. Call landscaping company in Clarksville today.

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